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Video Store

(2024) festival entry

Video Store is the second short film directed and written by Tanguy Pichon. 


Co-produced by himself, the SAE Institue of Geneva  and O.U.T Studio,  this student film is a neo-noir thriller. , it will be shown at festivals at the beginning of 2024.


 The narrative revolves around Stan, a young man working in a video store, subjected to daily humiliation at the hands of his boss. In the vast, disheartening backdrop of a modern city, Stan discovers solace in the escapism offered by action and adventure films.

As the story unfolds, Stan gradually loses touch with reality, immersing himself in a distorted perception where he imagines his boss as the villain and Roxane, a mere customer, as the damsel in distress he must rescue.

The film serves as a raw exploration of the dark facets of human behavior, providing a mirror to reflect upon societal shortcomings and individual struggles.

Video Store Poster


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