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memories store lausanne (2023)

Advertisement for Memorie Store Lausanne, showcasing my role as Director of Photography and Colorist.
Directed by Damien Michot, co-produced by Memorie Store Lausanne and SAE Institute Geneva.

Laconic collection (2023)

Advertisement for the new collection of of the designer Léa Zufferey, where I contributed as director, cinematographer, editor, and colorist.
Producted by Léa Zufferey and Ipac Design Geneva.

COP4ROCK (2023)

Social media advertisement for COP4ROCK. I served as the director and editor.
Co-producted by COP4ROCK and O.U.T Studio


Vertical advertisement for Street Youth League, featuring my roles as Director of Photography (DOP), editor, and colorist.
Directed by Paolo Lucchesi, co-produced by Street Youth League & Gency Bricks.


A series of vertical commercials for LaFripaJoe, where I served as director and editor.
Co-produced by LaFripaJoe and O.U.T Studio.