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NO mad land

(2024) Post production

Nomad Land is the forthcoming short film directed by Tanguy Pichon and Damien Michot.

Ambitious, contemporary and original, this project, produced entirely by the duo and Geneva's SAE Institute, will introduce audiences to the dark, fascinating and highly colourful universe of the pair.

Filmed in mid-2023 and still in post-production, the film is set for festival screening and Youtuble release in the beginning of 2024


Nomad Land is about a young man living in a huge, gloomy and tentacled city. Bored of living in violence and constant fear, he decides to escape it and take his chances in the vast desert that surrounds town.
To achieve his goal, he has to face the dangerous Yakuza, bloodthirsty bikers, a ultra-violent gang of vengeful sex workers and the Great and Powerful Spirit of the West.

provisional poster

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